Solutions Aviation, LLC is a minority owner of Solutions Air Charter.  Formed by two former military pilots, Solutions Aviation brings over 70 years of Military, Part 135, Part 121 and Part 91 aviation experience and expertise. Solutions Aviation provides aircraft brokerage, acquisitions, sales, management, financing, leasing, and flight operation services for our customers. With offices in Indianapolis and Chicago, the Solutions Aviation team is proud of achieving over $150,000,000 in aviation sales from around the world over the last five years. Such success in a short amount of time can be accredited to our unwavering commitment to clients.

logoOur knowledgeable salesforce provides each client with accurate and detailed analysis of aircraft values—including maintenance status, performance, overall condition and value—in the current market.  Solutions Aviation corporate philosophy is to represent each client in an uncompromisingly professional manner in all aspects of the aircraft acquisition or sale process. 


We’re With You Every Step of the Way Through Your Aircraft Transaction

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